Spotify plugin for VoiceAttack

Control Spotify desktop application from VoiceAttack

Download the zip file and extract it to the Apps folder of your VoiceAttack. Note the DLL have to be in its own folder, not directly in the Apps folder.

There is an example of VoiceAttack profile included in the zip.


List of contexts (actions):

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip
  • Previous
  • ToBeginning
  • Mute
  • Unmute
  • SetVolume
  • PlayUrl¬†

List of variables you can use within VoiceAttack:

  • Spotify_IsRunning
  • Spotify_IsPlaying
  • Spotify_IsMuted
  • Spotify_IsAd
  • Spotify_SongLenght
  • Spotify_SongName
  • Spotify_AlbumName
  • Spotify_ArtistName
  • Spotify_Volume