Time is the most precious gift you can give.

Here you will find some projects I work on. I make these projects free but it takes time to make, update and add features. As the complexity increase, so does the time needed to be spent on it, time that is precious. 

Time is always lacking and that's where you come in. Every five dollars is an hour I devote to these projects. Every contribution counts and you can suggest some features.

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Hours loaned : 14 hours

Spotify plugin for VoiceAttack

This is a plugin for VoiceAttack to control the Spotify desktop application.

Learn about the Spotify plugin →

Secret project

Details to come...

What do "Hours banked" and "Hours loaned" mean?

Banked hours is the time accumulated from contributions that I will spend on the projects. Loaned hours is how long I have spent on it past that accumulated time. Every contribution increases the amount of banked hours or goes towards decreasing the amount of loaned hours until it reaches zero and begins banking again.


If you are in loaned hours, does that mean the development is stopped?

Absolutely not! I will likely be pushing into those loaned hours often to make sure the projects are always continuing. I might just be doing it with a little less motivation as they go up though.


I just made a contribution, why hasn't the banked/loaned hours changed at all?

I do the update manually and then it might take a few hours to see the contribution, but rest assured that I will update the hours as soon as I can.